So Long, Cocoa Puffs

November 6, 2007

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Political Ad Brouhaha In Enfield”:

>Mr. Tallarita’s anger was prompted by the possibility that the fields might not be completed in time for Thanksgiving, potentially depriving him of what he hoped to be the legacy of his administration.

His legacy?
Let me get this straight, Mayor Cocoa Puff wants his political legacy to be that of the Fermi “Love Canal” athletic complex, that will leave Enfield taxpayers deeper in debt (cuz let’s face it, the State isn’t gonna give Enfield $3.3 million for their contaminated soil bludder. Especially when Enfield purchased more contamindated soil to “cap” the clean-up efforts).

Mayor Cocoa needs to just go away, quietly. Before he embarasses himself and his family anymore.

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    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “BREAKING NEWS: Enfield Witness Intimidated”:

    No elected official should act that way, especially in public no matter what the circumstances! This is just another shining example of the true character this slime ball is. The residents of Enfield do not need or deserve the controversy that surrounds this guy and his minions. It’s counterproductive for the town and ultimately the residents of Enfield. I’m personally sick and tired of town officials acting like we (the town residents) are THEIR servants and they can do what ever they wish. Enough is Enough already, no matter what the party our officials represent the PEOPLE need to send the message that every elected official is on notice!

    Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 1:07 PM

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    One Response to “So Long, Cocoa Puffs”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Well Mayor Cocco Puffs was the reason the dems lost. They should have took control sooner and got rid of him before he hurt all of them. Good luck republicans you have a lot to clean up from the past few years.

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