In Praise Of Red Edgar

October 8, 2007

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Enfield Republican Leader Kaupin Rips Cocoa Puffs’…”:

What obligation did Mary Ann have to come forward. Last time I checked, in America you’re innocent until proven guilty. Except when Tallarita’s fascists are running things. How did Mary Ann misrepresent herself to the contractor? What if she were the CEO of MassMutual calling up, referring to herself as powerful, and warning people? That’s what the douchebags on the council don’t realize. Not everyone who’s powerful holds public office, and not everyone who hold public office is powerful.Now about the “good democrats”- why haven’t they done more to distance themselves from Tallarita? If they vote with him all the time, what does anything else matter?It seems like the only one who had the balls to stand up to Tallarita is Red Edgar, whose running unopposed. So at the end of the day, it looks like the rest of them are all the same. Who are the “good democrats”? Even if they talk differently, if they vote with Tallarita and company, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.Everyone knows that Hillinski and Crowley were Tallarita’s two main lackeys. Crowley was the big insider who had been around Enfield forever. Hillinski was Tallarita’s mediocre deputy whose only skill was taking orders. Boring, and untalented, he was made deputy because Pat knew he’d never be a rival?By the way, where does the mayor like to drink? Someone told me that he’s a regular at the Cloverleaf and Jiggy’s.

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    6 Responses to “In Praise Of Red Edgar”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Monday, monday, monday- keep your eyes open monday

      I heard through the grapevine that one of the council dems is going to try to get Pat censured for leaking the executive session to the J.I.

      This will be an interesting line in the sand. We will see who the cronies and insiders are because they’ll vote against the censure. The outsiders will vote for it because they don’t have the longstanding loyalties that the cronies do.

    2. bud4you Says:

      I hear the samething from my contacts. I have a call to my favorite councilman to see what he knows. This could be finally a meeting worth attending.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      I wonder what Cindy Mangini must think of her “brother” Pat now.

      The whole Turner controversy started out because Pat thought that Cindy called the contractor. That’s why it was in executive session.

      The question that remains is whether Pat would have fed Cindy to the wolves like he tried to with Mary Ann.

      It’s what he did to Carol Hall when she jumped ship- he shut her out. He strong-armed her into not running for an additional term by threatening to publicize embarrassing information about a family member. When I heard about that, I was ashamed, ashamed that someone like that was part of my party, ashamed to call myself a democrat.

      I really feel bad for Cindy, because she stuck by Pat even when he undercut her. She was supposed to be the deputy mayor. Instead of her, Pat chose Hillinski because he didn’t want a rival. Her reward: to be dragged through the mud.

      I’m still shocked at how the JI bungled the story. The JI used to be a good local paper. Now, it’s a newsletter. Articles show up about meetings days after they have happened. It’s clear the reporters know very little about our town.

      We worked so hard to build this place in the ’60s. Frank Mancuso worked so hard to help us get “All American City”. Now, we’re ruled by a psychopath who doesn’t know how to behave in the grocery store.

      Enfield, what have we become? What has the culture of greased palms done to our town? What has it done to our schools? What have the mudslinging and dirty politics done to us as people? Is it any wonder that we keep seeing the same names on the ballot? Who wants to throw their hat in the ring if it means being dragged through the mud?

    4. Anonymous Says:

      > The JI used to be a good local paper.

      > It’s clear the reporters know very little about our town.

      Ah, give the JI a break. Was at
      Fermi High game last week and
      overheard JI staffer asking the Fermi High principal when the players would be returning to “Love Canal” fields? (“Love Canal” reference is re: the Fermi athletic fields constructed on the contaminated high school grounds, which has made their athletic field situation a laughing stock in CCC the last 2 years.)

      So don’t pick on JI – the staff does know what’s going on in Enfield. And they can even make a joke about it. Though many in Enfield can’t take one.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      > Enfield, what have we become? What has the culture of greased palms done to our town? What has it done to our schools? What have the mudslinging and dirty politics done to us as people?

      What as the current Enfield Democatic “culture” done to Enfield over the last couple of years? Well, after 2 years, the flood damage of Oct 2005 is still evident around Enfield. What’s the hold-up?

      The Fermi High School athletic fields are still under construction
      (maybe 3 times’ the charm since some of the soil initially purchased to “cap” the contaminated soil, was also contaminated. Unreal. How many years behind is this Fermi project? How many $ millions is this Fermi project over the initial budget? Does anyone keep track of such?

      And yes, the Enfield mil rate has gone down after the recent property re-evaluation, but wake up Taxpayers, cuz last I looked, we don’t pay our taxes in “mils”, we pay in dollars, and I’ve yet to find an Enfield homeowner who’s property taxes went down on their home. For their cars, maybe (cuz the value of a car goes down).

      Worse part is that most Enfield homes aren’t worth now what they were re-evaluated for in 2006. So homeowners are paying more now in taxes, than they should be in this declining housing market.

      Does anyone believe the Enfield will be rebating the homeowners any time soon based on this decline? Nada!

    6. Anonymous Says:

      > I really feel bad for Cindy, because she stuck by Pat even when he undercut her.

      Mangini should know by now that if one “sleeps with dogs, ya could get
      fleas”. She should have been more particular over the years about who she sided with. With “like a brother”, Enfield Mayor CoCoa, in her corner, she’s got her hands full.

      Didn’t she also waste valuable time in Courtney’s office, looking for $$$ funds for the boarded-up Strand Theatre in Enfield? What a waste of time and $$$$. The Strand is not where Enfield-ers want their hard earned monies spent. Wake up Cindy!

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