Avery Talks With Channel 8

October 8, 2007

She’s Articulate In Interview
But Station’s Poll Question Framed Poorly

News Channel 8 update
Burlington student challenges school on Internet free speech issue
by News Channel 8’s Tricia Taskey
Posted Oct. 8, 2007
4:15 PM

Burlington (WTNH) _ A Lewis Mills Regional High School student is appealing a legal decision after losing her post as class secretary following comments she made online.

Avery Doninger was stripped of her student council duties last year after posting derogatory comments about school administrators on her blog.

“I think bringing it to the next level is important because the Internet is a whole new era for kids like me. There has been no precedent set for kids on how far you can go on the Internet with speech,” said Doninger.

Doninger has been secretary of her class since she was a freshman. Not only does she think it’s not fair, she can’t keep her position for her senior year and is afraid this will effect her for years to come.

“Student government was what I was good at and what I want to pursue. It’s what I want to do in college and that experience is so important to prepare myself to do it in college,” Doninger said.

The legal fight has even become a part of her college application.

“I’m gonna write about it in my college essay in hopes colleges will see I’m standing up for my constitutional rights,” said Doninger.

Poorly Framed Question On Channel 8

“Should teenagers be responsible for what they say on the Internet?”

What About,

“Should administrators be able to punish citizens for exercising constitutionally-protected free speech?”

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