Montessori Parking Lot At State Supreme Court

September 23, 2007

Felician Sisters V. Enfield Historic District Commission. Hearing was held Sept. 21, 2007.


Brief of the Appellants

Reply Brief of the Appellants / Appellate Court

Record Appellate Court

  • Corruption Probe Expands
  • Defense Brief
  • Defense Appendix to the Brief
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    3 Responses to “Montessori Parking Lot At State Supreme Court”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Here’s another major waste of Enfield taxpayers’ monies. Leave
      the Felician Sisters alone. They’ve operated a school there for many decades.

      If their neighbor, the Troianos, have a problem with the school’s parking lot, they should move and take their “historical” grasses with them.

      This isn’t much of a historical district since they permitted medical offices to be built across the street. And there are runned-down multi-family dwellings across from old post office.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      Troiano’s spend most of their time either at their home in R.I. or Fl.Why are they after the nuns at Enfield taxpayers expense, and they don’t even pay taxes on their cars!! Why are we paying their legal fees? What do they give back to the cummunity? How much money do they donate to worthwhile causes? Yet they brag about how much money they have. They have no class!!

    3. Anonymous Says:

      > they don’t even pay taxes on their cars!!

      Would appear they didn’t pay their
      taxes on some of their Enfield business real estate either. Wonder if they’re on the “no pay tax” list in RI and FL too?

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