Who Loves Ya, Baby?

August 19, 2007

Did MyLeftNutmeg Make A Faux Pas?

The Cool Justice Report
Aug. 19, 2007

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report, http://cooljustice.blogspot.com

Readers – including compadres of The Cool Justice Report – were stunned to read the post at MyLeftNutmeg Friday:

“Is Joe Lieberman’s favorite mayor in trouble?”

Sure, we know Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is in trouble. The Chief States Attorney’s
Public Integrity and Political Corruption Bureau is hot on his trail and in his house.

But, we’re not so sure he’s actually Lieberman’s favorite mayor.

Lieberman is also known to be sweet on Mayor Cocoa Puffs, aka Enfield Mayor Patrick Tallarita.

As this photo shows, Cocoa Puffs seems quite focused on former Democrat Lieberman. They got together July 5 at a quiet place by the water, an intimate political tete-a-tete of sorts. They were at Freshwater Pond in Enfield, talking about federal money to help pay for a sewer project.

Photo by Jim Brewer

“I appreciate what you’re doing locally, you’re the leader in Enfield and it is good to be your partner,” Lieberman cooed to Cocoa Puffs. It was a tender moment, enjoyed by a significant contingent of police, a few politicians and about 15 Iraq War protesters drawn by Lieberman.

Did Lieberman catch some kind of bug from the kiss by President Bush? Has Lieberman’s embrace had a deleterious effect on the careers of certain sycophants? Certain developments cause us to wonder.

Tallarita, of course, is also the subject of a political corruption investigation by the Chief States Attorney’s Public Integrity and Political Corruption Bureau.

Watch for more stories about the corruption investigation at The Cool Justice Report.

Meanwhile, here’s some background:

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    3 Responses to “Who Loves Ya, Baby?”

    1. a rose is a rose Says:

      i’m sorry but you really did get the caption on the photo ALL wrong. mayor cp seems VERY pissed at something or other. or is he just jealous because he knows king george is the REAL love of da liebs life?

    2. ctblogger Says:

      It’s like Lieberman’s friendship with mayors is like the kiss of death.

      Kiss…I made a funny.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      >> As this photo shows, Cocoa Puffs seems quite focused on former Democrat Lieberman. They got together July 5

      What time was this photo taken on July 5th? During a normal State of CT work day? Hope Cocoa Puff took a vaca day from State job for this photo op.

      Dunno about ya, but that Freshwater Pond has gotten pretty nasty again. Lots of junk floating in murky water. And lots of drug dealin’ going on pond side. Not the best place to bring a kid (even though its across the street from Rec Center)

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