Bite This Poet

August 9, 2007


by Aracelis Girmay

“The poetry of Aracelis Girmay is so strong, so brave, so lyrical, so fiery,
so joyful, that the usual superlatives fail. I think of Sandra Cisneros and
her words of praise for another writer, Denise Chávez: ‘I love this book so
much, it sounds like I’m lying.’ Exactly.” –Martín Espada

Teeth explores loves, wars, wild hope, defiance and the spirit of creativity
in a daring use of language and syntax. Behind this language one senses
a powerful, inventive woman who is not afraid to tackle any subject, including
rape, genocide, and love, always sustained by an optimistic voice, assuring
us that in the end, justice will triumph and love will persevere.

If you’d like to read (or listen to) some of Aracelis Girmay’s poems, please
visit the Bill Moyers Journal web site at:

or visit, Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Here on Earth” with Jean Feraca

“Teeth delivers on its promise to be a fierce, proud book of poems that
provokes thought and invites its readers to be a poet’s unique and expectant
universe, where celebration and protest, lament and solace, sound and
silence, intertwine and thrive.” –El Paso Times

“In Teeth, the poems of Aracelis Girmay ring out with a burning truth as she
transports the reader into the world of despair, discrimination, sorrows,
triumphs, joy and the courage it takes to flourish as a woman of color. Her
keen observations are put forth with an appetite for life without fear or
self-consciousness as she weaves her words into a range of potent poems.”
–Nicholasa Mohr

Teeth |

Teeth by Aracelis Girmay | Original Paperback | Curbstone
Pub date: August 2007 | ISBN: 978-1-931896-36-8 | 110 pages | $13

You may write or call Curbstone Press at 321 Jackson St. Willimantic, CT 06226.
Phone: 860-423-5110.


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