Good Morning,

July 25, 2007

Enfield: Reprise

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Being concerned about our town’s appearance. I question a city of Hartford zoning specialist about the Enfield PZC proposed moratorium on over 55 housing. He laughed. He claims he had never heard of a town placing a moratorium on housing in a slumping real estate market.He said moratoriums are initiated for 2 reasons. One is to stop rapid uncontroled groth, that would place a serious burden on a towns school system, public works, public safety, etc.. The other is, if someone is trying to suppress competition, so certain real estate property value would increase. Everyone knows real Estate property values have been decreasing for the past 2 years, in Enfield, and throughout the country. So whose property value would increase, if a moratorioum on over 55 housing is passed? Guess?

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  • Good Morning, Enfield
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    1. Anonymous Says:

      >> Everyone knows real Estate property values have been decreasing for the past 2 years, in

      If property values have decreased so much, why have my Enfield property taxes gone sky high? Why did that “revaluation” specialist and Town Council remind everyone at their meetings, how valuable their property is, and how much it has increased since last evaluation?

      Which is it? A slumping market only if you’re trying to sell … or a banner year for the Town when they’re accessing your property & increasing your taxes??

      There are a lot of foreclosures and “For Sale” signs in Enfield – houses and condos. We don’t need more empty units taking up valuable “open space”.

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