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June 14, 2007

Have Taken

to Enfield Old-Timer Post
Temper, Temper …

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
“Enfield Old-Timer”:

>With all due respect, I don’t believe for one minute that all members of the Council

“cuse me, but don’t believe earlier post said “all members”. Its common knowledge that a few have taken advantage of their appointed or elected positions. Whether it be to appoint a relative to a sub-community, or push through approvals or funding for a friend’s pet project, or to make it difficult for some others. You know exactly what I mean. None of this is a secret anymore.

So yes, of course, there are some dedicated, unselfish people serving. Problem is that not enough of them stood up against those who did abuse the system.
Its really hard to speak out against bullies. But as an elected official, that’s their job when they see something wrong. Its not enough to merely turn away and hope someone else stops it.

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Enfield Old-Timer”:

What’s that old saying, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. So like it or not, unless every member on the current Council is part of the solution, then they’ll all likely be lumped in as part of the ongoing problems.

So many things have been voted on 11-0 the last couple of terms, that one has to wonder who’s pulling the strings. How do a few bad apples get everyone else to vote along the same lines?

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 7:11 AM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “BREAKING NEWS: Enfield Witness Intimidated”:

Tallarita has a temper. I myself witnessed it very early on, in the mid 80’s. He is an egotistical bully!

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8 Responses to “A Few”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Councilmen Nelson has spoken out a couple of times. But he’s only one person. And a Republican.

    The people who speak out the loudest at meetings, are the same merry group who appear at all the hearings and meetings. They’re the old timers who keep pushing for responsible spending. Generally whenever a younger person speaks, its about how they want the Council to support or fund something for them. But its these old timers who ask the Council to watch their spending.

    Maybe having more old timers on the Council wouldn’t be such a bad idea? They’re certainly good watch dogs.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Both parties should be announcing their candidate slates within the next month. I encourage all of us to attend the debates and ask the tough questions. We need leadership to stop this spending and not be afraid to say NO to all the town services that are draining our wells – mine has run dry. We need more members like Councilman Nelson to keep saying no and asking for cutbacks from the administrators, departments etc. I agree, some of the old timers at the meetings would be great to have on the council – they have no hidden agenda, they are truly concerned with the run-a-way spending and tax increases. It’s more than our duty to vote, it’s our future and that of our families

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’re right it’s about our families and the future. I was watching TV a few days ago and saw the Social Services presentation at the last Town Council meeting. Some of the programs benefit less than 100 people out of a community of 45,000. Why do we have a 5.5 million dollar social service budget to benefit less than 1% of the population? For the most part it’s going to support the drug addicts on Pleasant Street and Lincoln Street or to all the senior services Enfield has. Meanwhile, folks are coming out of retirement and working retail to pay their taxes, so that the few can have their social services and Tallarita and company can buy votes. You know if these were real Enfield people in need, I’d feel one way, but they aren’t for the most part.

    Supposedly Pam Brown wants to open up a homeless shelter in Thompsonville. Does she want to make Thompsonville a magnet for crime or what? Enfield doesn’t have problem with homelessness. I guarantee you that will bring more bums from Springfield and Hartford to feed off the drug empire in Thompsonville.

    How stupid! Better to expand her domain, even if it means screwing Enfield in the process.

    They ought to drug test recipients of social services. Maybe the help they need is to be thrown in jail instead of receive my tax dollars.

    At the end of the meeting, someone told the councilmen that they ought to be buying folks solar cells instead of paying out energy assistance. He has a point. Why do we keep paying over and over again for this energy assistance if we can buy the folks solar cells and not have to spend again?

    They way the price of gas is going, I need some energy assistance for my car. I forgot, I’m not a drug addict from T-ville, so I don’t qualify. They need to my money for energy assistance to the drug addicts in Tallaritaville, oops, Thompsonville.

    It pains me to see how run down T-ville is these days. It’s become overrun with a bunch of out of towners who have no manners and don’t know how to behave. I was driving past St. Pat’s a few days ago and saw a man urinating next to one of the liquor stores. They really need to have foot-patrol cops to keep the low-lives in check and arrest them.

    There’s waste going on right and left. Henry Dutcher had a $46,000 slush fund in the library budget.

    The Enfield Public Schools is where most of the corruption is. Everyone knows that getting a job in the school system is all about who you know, not what you know. In the past ten years, their budget has almost doubled, but they’re still doing the exact same thing. They can’t tell you where it’s going.

    Sharon Racine and Sam McGill aren’t running for reelection. No one wants to run on our ticket for anything this year. Why do you think David Kiner sees himself as our messiah? Supposedly, the republicans have plans for a forensic audit of the BOE if they win. We deserve to know where the money is going. Sharon clearly didn’t know what she was doing. I hear that the slides she used at her budget presentation were prepared for her by Gallagher on work time. It pisses me off because town officials aren’t supposed to be involved in town politics. They’re supposed to be non-partisan.

    The republicans are going to take the council and BOE, and there’s nothing we can do about it, if we can’t even get people to run, or nominate a bunch of morons like David Kiner. Even the ones who are running for reelection are having trouble because of the Pat Tallarita stuff. Supposedly, Doug Maxellon is worried about holding down District 4, even though he’s the fire chief. It’s his own fault for taking Pat’s word as gospel. That’s how they’re gonna take down a lot of our guys, “If you are your own man, why did you keep voting with Pat?” Ken Hillinski’s in even more trouble over that stuff because he’s Pat’s right hand man. Supposedly, Brian Peruta’s also feeling the heat, because there are a lot of fixed income retirees in his district.

    Well it’ll be intersting to see what happens. We have no one to blame for ourselves for what’s happened the past few years.

    Enfield Old Timer

  4. Anonymous Says:

    > According to Town Manager Matthew Coppler, the $2 million price tag for the property was decided on in 1990 in the original lease agreement.

    Did anyone see this in the Journal Inquirer on Friday. The proposed sale of Asnuntuck Community College property to the State.

    Does anyone else find it completely ridiculous that the Town of Enfield would sell 36 acres of prime property to the State for what it was worth in 1990??? Boy, I’d love to be able to pay property taxes now on what my house was assessed at in 1990.

    Lease or not lease, the people of Enfield are really getting the short end of the stick if this is approved.

    Why wouldn’t Enfield elect sell this property for what it is worth in today’s market place. Aren’t there 2 or 3 real estate agents on the current Council to advise? Doesn’t the Town of Enfield want to make money on anyone but the poor taxpayers.

    And the best part of all of this, the Town will then turn around to lease back the athletic fields from the State, so that some private organizations can continue to use the fields. How much does sense does that make?

    Someone please explain to me how the Town of Enfield comes up with such ridiculous fiscal plans. Its almost as if they’re begging people to ridicule the leadership. And vote them all out of town.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Members of the council & citizens for that matter have a responsibility when they know of wrongdoing. Turning a blind eye is wrong. It takes just cause & real evidence. Lynch mobs were never legal. Where is the evidence we need? If Andy the Blogger has anything real, why hasn’t he come forward to someone who can make a difference? Sadly it is ’cause he & others like him have nothing concrete. Due process is due process & everyone is entitled. Too bad though. Rowland’s old cell is available for immediate occupancy and it would fit his dishonor the mayor nicely.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    > Both parties should be announcing their candidate slates within the next month. I encourage all of us to attend the debates and ask the tough questions.

    Ask away, but to me attending and speaking at those meetings does very little. Look where its gotten us so far. Most of these meetings are long-winded, self-serving platforms.

    Interested townsfolk need to scream from the rafters. They need to take this to the streets. Need to write letters-to-the-editors of the local papers and these kinds of blogs. That’s how to shine some light on what’s going on, and what need needs to be corrected.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    > Where is the evidence we need?

    Right-o, where is the evidence of any wrongdoing? Where is the Bernie’s receipt that would show how much the Enfield Mayor paid for his state-of-the-art kitchen? That should be easy enough for him to produce since everyone saves their receipts for warranty purposes.

    A Bernie’s receipt would certainly be evidence enough for me. So, “Show us the receipt”

  8. Anonymous Says:

    > If Andy the Blogger has anything real

    Now isn’t that a sad commentary on our Enfield community. That we have to wait for a blogger in Litchfield to alert us to what’s wrong in our own community.

    This blog had the mayor’s ugly Shaw “showdown” incident posted on-line days before the local newspapers picked up on it. How can it be that this blog knows more, and sooner, than the majority of the residents? Who’s their pipeline?

    “Someone” in Enfield must know ahead of time about some of this stuff being reported in the blogs, but it seems word isn’t reaching many of us UNLESS we blog on! The way I see it, if this blog was making up this stuff, it would been shut down by now. The fact that its gaining popularity and was quoted as a source in the JI, means to me that there is definitely “truth” in what is posted. And the truth scares the crap out of guilty people.

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