Nothing But Net For Rand Cooper

May 26, 2007

The legend of Jared Jordan

Sports Illustrated

From the time he saw a tiny kid whipping passes to men, the author knew he was watching a basketball prodigy. Now he is convinced Marist star Jared Jordan may be the next Steve Nash.

Jordan’s basketball genius has brought him to the brink of the NBA. Cooper will discuss the article on Colin McEnroe’s radio show next Tuesday at 4:30, WTIC-1080 AM

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  • McEnroe Show

    Rand Richards Cooper is the author of two works of fiction, The Last to Go and Big As Life. His stories have appeared in Harper’s, The Atlantic, Esquire and many other magazines, on National Public Radio’s Selected Shorts, and in Best American Short Stories 2003. The Last to Go was produced for television by ABC.

    He is a Contributing Editor at Bon Appétit.

    Cooper is also a film columnist at Commonweal, and frequent reviewer for the New York Times Book Review. Finally, he provides occasional comic and non-comic relief on the Bruce and Colin radio show on WTIC.

    Cooper will be co-master of ceremonies for the 10th annual IMPAC-CSU young writers dinner June 1 at the Litchfield Inn. He has been a judge for the competition for several years.


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