Calling All Students & Teachers: Multimedia Conf. @ CCSU

January 24, 2007

High School Students and Faculty:

Gallery and installation space is still available for the “Recharging
the Sensorium” conference in multimedia to be held April 27 at
Central Connecticut State University in New Britain.
High school
students and faculty are invited and encouraged to participate.

If you have some combination of writing and other arts-paintings,
photography, film, music, website design-that can be presented in a
gallery, please let us know. Single artists, collaborating artists
and student/faculty collaborations are invited.
Send your proposal to

Here’s a description of the conference:

Recharging the Sensorium:
CSU Presents a Writing and
Multimedia Day of the Arts
Open to Students and Faculty
Friday, April 27th, 2007
On the campus of Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 06050


CSU Systems Office in conjunction with the Connecticut Review, the
Helix, IMPAC-CSU Young Writers Trust and,
online journal of the arts, present a day
dedicated to the conjunction of text with other media. Despite the
popular image of the solitary writer in a garret, writing is not an
isolated art or stand-alone skill, especially these days. Writers’
expressions of the written word regularly combine with film, music,
photographs, paintings, graphic illustrations and other arts,
creating new, collaborative forms of composition. Newspaper
reporters’ stories are brought to readers combined with photos from
the field. Poets write lines to match music or find their lines set
to music. Ekphrastic poetry, that is the verbal representation of
visual representation, has grown exceedingly more popular. More and
more, the web brings together multimedia elements with streaming
audio and video, fine art photographs and paintings-and an entire
generation relies on the web for their information, entertainment and
encounters with the arts. Here words are almost always embedded in a
multimedia environment. The combination of words and multimedia is
hardly new. Since the advent of recorded history, writing has come in
a multimedia form. From the “performances” of scops, gleeman and
jongleurs to illuminated manuscripts, language has often conjoined
with the other arts.

We invite students and faculty from the four CSU campuses and local
high schools to think imaginatively about writing in terms of the
new, extensive multimedia reality. Recharging the Sensorium, the
inaugural Writing and Multimedia Day of the Arts will be devoted to
examining the multiple connections between text and other media. It
will address historical contexts and investigate the use of new
technologies. This conference could potentially include
collaborations across various disciplines such as (but not confined
to) poetry, prose, visual culture, art history, musicology,
photography, graphic novels, comparative literature, media
archeology, dramaturgy, film, dance, performance, and the natural and
behavioral sciences.

Conference Organizers: JP Briggs (WCSU), Ravi
Shankar (CCSU), David Cappella (CCSU), and Andy Thibault (IMPAC-CSU Young Writers)

John Briggs, Ph.D.
CSU Distinguished Professor
Senior Editor, Connecticut Review
Professor, Professional Writing Coordinator
Department of English Language,
Comparative Literature and Writing
Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, CT 06810


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