Cool Justice Report Readership Survey January 07

January 17, 2007

The Cool Justice Report hosted 478 visits and 838 page views during the seven days from Jan. 10-16.

The bulk of visits were from the United States. Countries including Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, India, France, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, Poland, Iran, Thailand, Ivory Coast and the Netherlands were represented. Hong Kong and Puerto Rico also registered among the visitors.

From the United States, Connecticut, New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan and Arizona topped the list of 45 states among visitors.

Popular postings beyond the home page included: Fiddleheads Natural Supermarket, A New Venue For Poets & Writers; the Blog Edition of Readings; Gannett’s Move Into The Publishing Future; Krayeske Arrest & Dissection; Death of Renowned Poet Hugh Ogden; Smolinski case; Norman Mailer Enemies List; Greed & Power The Enfield Way; Whitewash in Stratford; Connecticut Review’s Poets & Writers In Residence Program; Nuns Aren’t Taking It Anymore and Publisher William Hales Dies.

Readers spent the most time on postings including: Readings Blog Edition, Fiddleheads, Krayeske, Poets & Writers In Residence, Enfield Savings Tallarita Party, Smolinski, Robitis Poster Girl Leaves Accident Scene, Finalists For Connecticut Book Awards, Worthless Creeps On West Hartford School Board, Enfield Mayor Full Of … and Nuns Aren’t Taking It Anymore.


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