Dissection Of Krayeske Arrest Report

January 12, 2007

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    One Response to “Dissection Of Krayeske Arrest Report”

    1. The Stark Raving Viking Says:

      It is a shame that those that might want to make a political statement would have to worry about being arrested, facing prison.

      One little incident can keep you from ever getting a decent job, owning a home, or even getting married.

      I proposed legislation Connecticut State Police didn’t like, Civilian Oversight of Police.

      I made their enemies list. I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business built over 20 years.

      Police officers threatened me if I did not leave Connecticut and shut my mouth.

      I didn’t and was arrested for being attacked on my property by a police informant. I went to prison for using pepper spray to end the attack.

      I can’t ever get a decent job, own a home, and much more ever again.

      Connecticut police and courts are completely out of hand.

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