Connecticut Bob: Joe Lieberman Is A Liar

October 29, 2006

By Connecticut Bob
Saturday, October 28, 2006

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, Bob, thanks for the scoop. Who knew?

This past Thursday, I attended the Milford DTC meeting and afterwards I spoke to DTC member James Quish.

Jim was quoted in the October 19th issue of Milford Weekly about Joe Lieberman’s phone call to him. From the article:

Jim Quish, of Milford, was also a delegate at the Connecticut Democratic convention and said that one of the main reasons why he is casting his support for Lamont is because Lieberman, who Quish says personally told him he wouldn’t run as an independent if he lost the primary, went back on his word.

“Lieberman called me at my house because he wanted my vote at the convention,” said Quish. “He said, ‘No Jim, I will not run as an independent if I lose the primary.’ He told me there was no way he would do that. I felt betrayed.”

I asked Jim about the phone call.

“One of his staffers called me shortly before the convention and asked if Senator Lieberman could speak to me. I was sort of honored that the Senator wanted to talk to me, so I said ‘Sure thing.'”

“Joe Lieberman then called and asked for my support at the convention. I told him that I was very much against the war in Iraq, and asked him if we, as a nation, had the choice of what to spend these billions of tax dollars on, what would it be? Maybe a cure for cancer, or ending world hunger? Nobody in their right mind would choose to perpetrate this war.”

“Lieberman then said that Hussein was a terrible and ruthless leader who needed to be removed to ensure peace. He also said that we’d start withdrawing troops from Iraq shortly, and we’d be under 100,000 soldiers by Christmas.”

“I said that I’d read in the paper that he would run as an independent if he lost the primary, and Joe said, ‘No Jim, I will not run as an independent. That was something a Lamont supporter goaded me into saying.'”

Jim said that Lieberman called a second time before the convention trying to get his support. Needless to say, Jim Quish is a thinking Democrat, and he voted for the man he thought would work to stop the insanity in our Federal Government. Ned Lamont.

“No Jim, I will not run as an independent. That was something a Lamont supporter goaded me into saying.”

Even BEFORE the Convention, everything was Ned Lamont’s fault.

Joe Lieberman is a Liar. How can anyone in Connecticut vote for this man?


4 Responses to “Connecticut Bob: Joe Lieberman Is A Liar”

  1. CT Bob Says:

    Thanks for the repost, Andy

    CT Bob

  2. United States Veteran Says:

    Is anybody really surprised by this. Leiberman is dishonest about everything. And for a supposed religious man, he sure likes to go to war!

    By the way, what military unit did Joe serve in? Has he ever stood on that line? Risked his life? It is too easy for these chicken hawks to send good honest men, who love this country off to war, to die, be maimed and for what?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “For a supposed religious man, he sure likes to go to war” – I think that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. How many wars have been fought in the name of religion throughout history?

    And wasn’t this one started by religious zealots, too? I mean, those jerks who killed innocent American citizens on 9/11 did so in the name of Allah, didn’t they?

  4. Anonymous Says:

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